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Eusoh is the first comprehensive pet health plan designed to cover both accidents and illnesses. They provide immediate care for ill pets and financial assistance when accidents happen. Their pricing model is also unique as it only charges one single price for all dogs and cats of any age, which makes it more affordable. If you are looking for the best pet insurance then Eusoh is certainly worth looking at.

Some pet owners believe that traditional pet insurance does not cover all of their needs even though it provides a number of benefits. Eusoh is a community-based alternative to pet insurance, where pet owners join groups and contribute to each other’s veterinary costs. A pet owner does not pay a set premium to an insurance company; instead, they pay only the actual costs associated with their community. Because Eusoh does not keep any of these funds, the company has no reason to deny claims.

Eusoh believes that the monthly prices in the community will fluctuate by no more than a few dollars each month. As of now, Eusoh has a maximum monthly price of $65 per month. Eusoh locks in the price for the lifetime of the pet once you make the purchase. The same cannot be said for pet insurance.

A pet insurance policy charges a flat monthly fee for a given period of time (one year), with the monthly fee changing as veterinary care costs rise over time. You can often get six-year pet insurance for about $45 per month for your puppy. When your dog ages, you may see the monthly price rise to the same level as Eusoh’s ($65) or exceed it. Each pet and company offers a unique plan, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy. 

Additionally, Eusoh’s pet insurance coverage can be tailored to fit your budget, which is a major difference from traditional pet insurance. In Eusoh’s coverage details, 80% of expenses are reimbursed, the annual limit is $8,500, and the deductible is $250. Pet insurance companies may offer you up to 100% reimbursement, unlimited policy limits, and $0 or a lower deductible than the Eusoh policy.

Plan Pricing
Eusoh’s pricing structure is a bit complicated, but there is a greater level of transparency than many competitors’. The company receives $17 per pet monthly from members, which is its sole source of income.
In order to pay for treatment fees, members must deposit an additional $48 at the beginning of the month, which they will have to replenish at the end of the month. Eusoh divides the total cost of veterinary care for the group during that period by the number of members in order to arrive at the amount each member needs to top up. Each person in the group pays the identical amount regardless of the number of bills they submit that month.
The good news is that no one will be asked to pay any more than this amount even if the group’s veterinary costs in a given month are more than $48. The maximum a pet parent can pay in a month, along with the $17 membership fee, is $65 per month. According to the company, the average monthly fees for dogs are $41 and for cats are $29.

By enrolling all members into one standardized plan, Eusoh eliminates the need to offer multiple policies with different coverage and terms. The membership covers most accident, illness, and preventative care costs. However, certain procedures like spaying or neutering or dental treatment are excluded. Members are responsible for a $250 deductible per year, after which 80% of the costs are reimbursed2.

Using Eusoh, pet owners can apply to join cost-sharing communities once their pets have been registered. The standard size of a group is around ten members. It’s possible to see the average expenditures of each community from the last six months before applying.

Upon acceptance into a community and completing a 30-day wait period, you are allowed to submit reimbursement claims for covered expenses. Each month, the total amount of reimbursements for all community members is added up, and they are divided equally among the members.

  • Eusoh is not pet insurance 
  • It’s considered an alternative to pet insurance
  • A health plan that is based on community participation
  • Families directly fund one another’s vet expenses
  • Your monthly payment fluctuates because community vet expenses are unpredictable, but you’ll never pay more than $65.00 per month
    • Contributions leftover from one month carry over to the following month
    • In the case of higher expenses in one month, the payment for the next month may be higher
  • You select your vet and pay for the services; once finished, you submit your invoice and proof of payment to Eusoh online, and you wait for reimbursement.

You can get more information here at the Eusoh website. They have a video infomercial that explains things very easily and lays out how everything works.


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