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Every online marketer strives to boost a site’s organic rankings, especially in Google. In the whole SEO process, creating backlinks and submitting content are some of the most challenging tasks. Money Robot Submitter handles this issue by automating most of the time-consuming processes that marketers struggle with. It is one of the most popular tools among internet marketers.

Money Robot Review

Here’s a review of Money Robot Submitter. This SEO platform specializes in generating high-quality links and building high-quality backlinks for boosting organic Google rankings. Money Robot Submitter is an all-in-one solution SEO tool for creating a genuine link building network for those who have been doing SEO for quite a while as well as for those who are just getting into it.

First, it allows you to post high-quality content automatically to Web 2.0 sites, resulting in a rich network of backlinks that sends your site right to the top of search engine results. On the website, you can click on a tutorial video to learn more about what it does.


By virtue of its name, Money Robot Submitter makes all of the submissions for you. With just a few clicks, it automatically posts articles and links them to your main website. As a result of saving so much time, you can focus on other things that will help you get to the top, whether it’s your blog or affiliate marketing campaigns.


Using a sample article and your target keywords is all you need, so hiring writers won’t be necessary. The whole thing will be spun a hundred times over without any risk of duplication. All of the articles will pass Copyscape, so you do not need to worry about penalties. Money Robot Submitter can simulate human browsing by simulating human browsing in order to solve captchas since human browsing is a tiresome thing for a marketer to do. The robot passes all of the robot tests.


Money Robot Submitter has a nice ‘Process Window’ that lets you see what it’s doing. This will show you the whole process of creating blogs, bookmarks, and other posts on social networks. The scheduler is another useful feature from Money Robot Submitter. An SEO company monitors a site regularly to ensure a steady increase in ranking on Google.


Comparatively to other SEO tools, it has an easy-to-use interface.


Every SEO campaign needs a private blog network. By creating your own PBN essentially with a click of a button, you will have at your disposal a wide network of links, which is the main advantage of using Money Robot Submitter.



Money Robot Submitter supports an unlimited number of websites. Below is a list of platforms for content submission:


  • Social Network Posts
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Wiki Articles
  • Press Release
  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Profiles



The process of building SEO links is time-consuming. When you do everything manually, you spend a great deal of time creating accounts, confirming emails and submitting content to hundreds of websites. Automation is key. Link submission is completely automated with Money Robot Submitter and is, therefore, the easiest part of the entire SEO process. How many links would you like to submit? Here’s how to generate more traffic to your website by getting an unlimited number of links. You can easily and conveniently run SEO link building campaigns with an intuitive interface. Accounts are created live and in real-time.


With its intelligent and fully automated features, Money Robot Submitter is my favourite SEO software, and it makes my life a lot easier. I always find it amazing when I feel that link building campaigns are so easy to run with such intuitive tools.


What you get:


Multi-Threading – With multiple threads, it would appear that your website ranking campaign is run by more than a hundred people simultaneously.


Smart Submission-No need to bother with manually creating accounts with Smart Submission. Even the creation of an account is automatic, and you do not even have to press a button. You do not need to intervene in any part of the simple submission process as Money Robot automatically creates emails and accounts for you.


Artificial Intelligence-Do doesn’t fears robots when it comes to artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence in Money Robot Submitter is here to serve you and make your life easier. One of the best ways to simulate human activity, it can pass virtually any robot detection tool and is compatible with all browsers.


Resources – Money Robot Submitter crawls the web to find sites that have high-quality links. It is as simple as watching from the backseat when you use automated content submission.


Spinner/Rewriter-A simple built-in spinner/rewriter tool allows you to generate hundreds of unique articles from a sample article and your target keywords without the risk of duplication or wasting a lot of time. Do not get penalized for duplicate content by getting hundreds of unique versions.


Backlink Monitor-Monitor your links and all relevant information, including anchor text keywords, while enjoying the speed of up to five hundred threads per second with Backlink Monitor. 


Customer Service – There is a team that is always on hand to assist you. There is also a forum for everyone to participate in.


Money Robot Submitter’s servers find new websites every day by crawling the web. As a result, you will receive new lists every day without having to search and scrape yourself. With a new list every day, you can submit and review your content every day.


Captcha Solver-Robot detection tools, such as captcha solver, will not detect Money Robot Submitter. It can function as a captcha service. All captchas are solved for free and all captcha services are supported.


Who should utilize the Money Robot Submitter?

Every website needs an SEO strategy and campaign. With the right tools and software, you can run the best SEO campaign. Each business owner and SEO marketer should invest in Money Robot Submitter in order to increase traffic to their website. Here are some people who would benefit greatly from this:


  • Owners of websites try to rank high in the search engine results
  • Making money online as an affiliate marketer and doing affiliate marketing
  • SEO companies that need to increase the ranking of their client’s websites
  • It can be used by media companies to distribute and publish content daily, including on social media
  • Publication of press releases through thousands of web pages, blogs, social media channels, and press release websites.


There are many benefits to using Money Robot Submitter for your SEO campaign. I have reviewed the results with many of my clients since they signed up and they are happy with them. As a first step, using the link building software tool is fully automated from beginning to end. There are not all SEO tools that work this way, as we have reviewed a lot of different tools. I can create hundreds of unique submissions with its Spinning and Rewriting feature. AI-enabled it to simulate human browsing and defeat all types of captcha. As a result, I have built my own Private Blog Network with it and enjoy submitting my unique articles to fresh lists on a daily basis. As soon as you sign up and use it, you’ll see why we love it so much and you’ll realize this tool pays for itself and then some.


It is very simple to get started with this Money Robot software, especially with all of the Money Robot Tutorial videos available on the web, many of which can be found on YouTube. Some even call it one of their best kept secrets in terms of SEO ranking strategies because it is one of the best tools out there. Overall, a great tool.




The Money Robot software can be purchased in two ways: a monthly subscription option and a one-time lifetime license. Essentially, you can use all the features that we discussed for $67 per month. You can also pay $497 up-front. Money Robot Submitter comes with a 7-day trial period and a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it out and decide if it’s right for you, but we’re confident you’ll want to stay with it once you sign up.



  • By simulating human browsing, common captchas can be defeated
  • Creating accounts and submitting submissions is super-fast
  • Link building software for SEO that is easy to use
  • You can find many step-by-step tutorial videos online for this software, and it’s easy to sign up
  • Money-back guarantee


Sometimes, simulated human submissions are a bit slower than socket-based submissions


This Money Robot review page is intended to provide you with useful information. If you’re interested in boosting your site’s organic rankings, sign up for Money Robot Submitter with a free 7-day trial option and flexible payment options per month or annually. Click here to check out the company’s website and a video showing how it works step-by-step. Click here to sign up.

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